Baby #11

The twins recently aged into toddlers. I decided against having a big party and decided to just keep the guest list to just the household. I was so excited to see that Chris grew up with his father’s eyes and his father’s hair color. It seems that the only thing he got from me was my skin tone. Isn’t he a cute little boy?

Connie followed her brother into aging into a toddler. She has got to be the most unique looking of all of my children. Connie has her father’s light grey skin, his black-green hair, and his very light grey eyes. I can hardly see any of myself in her, but you have to admit that she is adorable.

As soon as the twins aged up, they headed straight for the play room. Chris took the xylophone and loved to bite and chew on the stick. Connie – on the other hand – hated the logic blocks at first. I would hear her screaming at the top of her lungs when she couldn’t get the correct shape into one of the holes. After I sat down and showed her how she was suppose to do it, her dislike turned into love.

It seems that the writing bug has recently taken a bite out of Carter. At such a young age, he has already written two books…one of which he dedicated to the Quinn family. Neither of the books made the best seller list, but at the same time, I wouldn’t consider them to be flops either. He is already working on his third novel…a drama this time.

Joe has continued his interest in fishing. Most days after school he will head to one of the local fishing spots to catch new types of fish that we didn’t have in the pond in the backyard. He even requested that I buy him all the latest fishing books so that he could learn what bait was best to catch bigger and different types of fish.

This meant that I would need to stay up a couple of hours later then normal in order to hack the money required to buy his books, but I would do anything to make sure my children were happy.

Teaching Connie to speak was very easy compared to some of the other children. She was so eager to learn about everything. We talked about careers and how one day she might even need to plead to keep her job. Within a couple of hours, she had become quite the chatter box.

When searching for the next father for my challenge, I thought about what genetics I would like to bring into the family. A majority of my children had inherited my genetics – whether it was my red hair or my light blue eyes. I decided that I wouldn’t mind having a blonde child in the family, and so I went in search of a blonde father who wouldn’t mind participating in my challenge. This is where Hubert Lovett came in…

Hubert was a repairman that had come to my house about a week or two ago. I hadn’t really paid him any attention at the time because I was already quite busy taking care of the younger children – otherwise I would have fixed the appliances myself. I invited him over to the house in order to ask him if he would like to take part in my challenge. We flirted back and forth and even shared a kiss…

…but when I asked him to participate in my challenge and move things upstairs, he pushed me away. He had just rejected me…but I had never been rejected before!! How could he reject me? What had I done wrong?

Hubert explained that things were moving just to fast for his liking. He said that he needed some time to think and then he left. I was shocked and disappointed, but at the same time, I guess I understand where he is coming from.

I decided that I would just focus my attention on Chris and Connie. They still had a lot of learning to do before they could grow up into beautiful children. With Joe’s help, we got the kids walking in no time. That just left the dreading potty training – which Joe affectionately told me that I was on my own in that department.

Carter, Chris, and Connie love spending time together. They spend every waking moment together at that building blocks table. My only fear is that Carter’s slob-ish ways might be rubbing off on the younger children. I walked into the play room and heard them talking about garbage.

A couple of days pass by and I hadn’t even thought about my baby challenge since Hubert had left. I had been focusing on the best possible upbringing for my children. You can imagine my surprise when Hubert showed up at my front door with a cocky and sly expression on his face.

He had given things some thought, and he really didn’t care about having children. He was young, and they just weren’t that important to him, but since he would never have to see that child again, he didn’t mind participating in the challenge. So we made our way upstairs and got down to business.

After Hubert left, I put the children to bed for the night and made my way downstairs to the laptop. We were running a little low on money. It wasn’t so low that we were in risk of losing the house, but I liked having a certain amount stashed away in case of emergencies. I was getting fairly good at this hacking thing. When I first started, I was lucky to get §500 a night and now I was easily getting anywhere from §2000 – §3000 a night.

I tried to stop him…I did my best to make him wear his everyday clothes to school this morning, but he just wouldn’t listen to me. He wanted to be unique and stand out from the rest of his classmates so he wore his black and yellow tux to school. Please, all mighty sim god, do not let my little boy come home crying because the other kids were teasing him…

With the older children at school and the younger ones sleeping in their beds, I was able to catch up on some of the household chores that I had fallen behind on…including that dreaded potty chair.

As I was finishing the household chores and preparing for the birthday party that was only a couple of hours away, I got a little surprise of my own. Baby #11 was on the way. Even though I had experienced this moment so many times before, it’s still just as special to me as the first time.

Meg was the first to arrive at the party with one of her delicious home cooked meals. She was such a natural cook. Meg confided in me before the party began. She told me that she was considering leaving town very soon in order to start her own baby challenge. I was sad that she would be leaving, but at the same time, I was happy for her. I knew how much she loved her younger siblings and if she decided to do this, I was certain that she would be a wonderful mother.


As more party guests began to arrive, the triplets made their way outside to their awaiting birthday cakes. I called all the guests outside so we could cheer them into their next stage in life.

The triplets father – Willie Nelson – was at the party and made sure to be right up front to cheer his children on. Others that attended the party were Bonnie, Meg, Brian, Stewie, and even Delihah – Brian’s on again/off again girlfriend.

Glen was the first to grow up…he definitely had some of his father in him as he insisted on keeping his long hair. I tried to explain to him that if he planned on becoming CEO of a Mega-corporation then he would need a more business like appearance, but he was determined to change the typical stereo-type of a business man.

Joe was the next to grow…he kept his short red hair and grew some facial hair to make him look even more business like. Although Joe was a bit of a workaholic, he still hadn’t found a job field that he wanted to enter into. All he was certain about was his love for spending an afternoon doing nothing more then fishing for what he called “the perfect fish”.

Finally, it was Jillian’s turn to enter the next stage of her life. She kept the same simplistic style that was perfect for her to go out and tend to the garden with. Truth is, I’m going to miss all her help with our tiny family garden. She was one of the main reasons I had decided to start a garden to begin with.

After the triplets, it was Carter’s turn to age up into a teenager. He was very excited and wore the same formal wear he had worn to school earlier in the day to the party. Carter glanced over at his dad, making sure that Richard Grayson was in attendance and watching him grow up. He was just as active with his son’s life as he had been during my pregnancy.

I was truly surprised at just how much Carter looked like his father. He grew up with the same shaggy hair that his father had prior to entering into the military. He really was a handsome young man.

As soon as Carter aged up, he immediately began speaking to my stomach and the little growing bundle of joy inside.

But the party was far from over…we still had the twins’ birthday to go. Chris was up to his birthday cake first…

Connie followed and grew into the most unique looking little girl…

After all the partying was complete, the triplets made their way outside to the awaiting taxi that would be taking them to their new home. I was so sad to see them go, but they deserve to live their own lives.

Chris and Connie had a real hatred for the outdoors. In fact, I think that they may have been scared of going outside. When their first day of school came, they refused to leave the house, and the bus ended up leaving without them. I was so concerned for their education that I enrolled them into homeschooling along with their older brother Carter – who had been bullied and teased for wearing his formal wear to school that last day he was a child.

With all three of my remaining children at home now, I spent a majority of my pregnancy helping them with their schoolwork or painting. I’m still not very good, but I have to admit that it is a very relaxing hobby.

Before I knew it, the time came and my labor pains kicked in. Baby #11 was on it’s way as I started my breathing. Chris completely freaked out. He had never experienced anything like this before. I tried to explain to him that I would be alright, he just need to calm down.

Welcome to the world little Adonis Quinn…

Will Adonis inherit the blonde hair that Christy desires? Or will he get Christy’s red hair like a majority of his siblings?


With the birth of baby #11, the “Reader’s Choice” naming theme is now underway. I would like to extend a special thanks to Elinha for suggesting the name Adonis.

If you would like to suggest a baby name for my challenge, simple leave a comment with the name that you’d like me to use. I am alright on girl names for right now, but I’m really in need of boy names. If you have one you’d like me to use, please suggest it.


10 thoughts on “Baby #11

  1. This chapter is very picture heavy (30+ if I remember correctly) so make sure you check out the second part of the story on page 2. It’s located directly below the “Rate This” section and above this comment. Any questions, just let me know and I’ll help you out

  2. William
    Freyr (Add a girl twin named Freyja and go for nordic twins. X3))
    Theodore (Teddy for short)

    Need more boynames? XD

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