Baby #9 and 10

A lot has happened since my last journal entry. Carter grew into a toddler. He is the perfect combination of his father and I. Carter has his father’s hair with my light blue eyes.

Come to think of it, all the children so far have shared my eye color. Interesting…

Stewie also grew up into a handsome young adult. He was excited to be moving onto the next stage of his life. I was worried at first but when he told me that he would be moving in with Brian, I became less worried. The two have so much talent and with them looking out for one another, I know they will both be a huge success.

I took Carter to the library late one night, hoping that the quiet and studious environment might help him concentrate on learning to talk. He has been very stubborn with learning this particular life skill especially when I tried to teach him about cleanliness. He would just laugh at me.

Ever since Meg became a teenager, she has inherited my interest in computers. She has even picked up my job of hacking late at night to help the family raise money.

This is Kevin Grey…I met him at the park a few days ago and asked him to contribute his unique genetics to my 100 Baby Challenge. Between his very pale skin, his black-green hair, and his very light – almost grey eyes…well I just knew that I had to convince him to participate. After talking to him for several hours at his home, he agreed to accompany me back to my house.

We made our way upstairs and baby #9 was soon on his/her way into the world. I thanked Kevin before making my way downstairs.

Tonight was a very special night…My first set of twins, Bonnie and Meg were growing into young adults. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that it was already time for them to leave the household. The girls were both excited.

Meg spent a particularly long time thinking about what she wanted to wish for.

For some reason, Glen thought that this was hilarious. He just kept pointing and laughing the entire time that Meg and Bonnie were blowing out their candles. Glen can be a little inappropriate at times.

Although they were twins, you probably wouldn’t be able to guess just by looking at them. Bonnie (Baby #3) grew up into a beautiful young woman. I’m sure that she won’t have any problems with getting a man in her life.

Then there was my sweet and loving Meg (Baby #4) who was as beautiful as anyone I had ever seen…if only she could see that for herself. I just hope that one day, she will put down her romance novels and venture out into the world to find someone who can appreciate her for the wonderful young woman that she is.

Then it was the triplets turn to grow into their next stage of life. I managed to talk Meg and Bonnie into staying a while longer before moving out – just so they could help celebrate their siblings birthday.

Glen grew his hair out long – much like his father’s – and pulled it back into a ponytail.

On the other hand, Joe preferred a much shorter hair style.

Then there was Jillian who wanted to keep her look simple and easy to manage.

And finally, Carter grew up into a child. He insisted that I buy him clothes with the craziest patterns to make him stand out from all of his other siblings.

I was getting as big as a house during this pregnancy. I had a sneaky feeling like maybe I wasn’t just carrying a single baby. I had a feeling that maybe I was carrying twins or even triplets this time, but like I do with every pregnancy, I went to the library to study up on the latest pregnancy and parenting books.

I also started a small garden. There are only two or three plants right now, but I’m sure it will grow into something much more.

Bonnie came over to check on me. She was so excited to have another sibling and couldn’t help talking and listening to my massive stomach.

Have I mentioned how strange Carter can be? He insists on going to bed dressed in his formal wear. He has come home from school in his underwear. I’m worried that he might be a little insane, but at this point, I’m just hoping that it’s a stage and he will grow out of it.

Finally the time came…I calmly made my way to the hospital.

After hours upon hours of labor, I exited the hospital with a new little baby boy in my arms. I named him Christopher Quinn – Chris for short. Sadly he did not inherit his father’s unique pale skin tone and it was to early to tell whether or not he had his father’s hair, but I still think he is adorable.

I was right, though…I had been carrying multiplies. Twins!! Kevin carried my second bundle of joy home. Her name was Connie Quinn and she did get her father’s skin tone.


Kevin was actually created by me for this challenge with the hope of getting some different genetics going in the family – since so many of the kids have most of their mom’s looks so far in the challenge. I also need some name suggestions for the next 10 babies as the naming theme will be “Reader’s Choice”. If I use any of the names that you suggested, I will be more then happy to credit you at the end of the post.

For downloads of all the children that have moved out of the house as well as the teens still living in the household, look for a page called “Family Overview” on the left hand side.


16 thoughts on “Baby #9 and 10

  1. Also, for those of you who are wondering whether or not I am using the Boy/Girl Twins and Triplets formula, I actually am not using it. The story progression mod that I have installed on my computer to keep my town running actually randomizes the genders of multiples on it’s own.

  2. Great update!! LOL, did you use Shego’s hair-colour for Kevin? Just wondering because it looks just like it! Here are some cool names:
    (name – gender – origin – meaning)

    Keahi – unisex – Hawaiian – Flames, fire
    Carminda – female – Spanish – Beautiful song
    Adrienne – female – French – Dark, rich
    Kiora – female – Celtic – Little and dark
    Adeline – female – French – Noble, kind
    Wolfgang – male – German – Path of a wolf

    • Thanks so much for the names, look for them to be used within the next couple of babies.

      Actually what I did with Kevin was just blacked his hair and then added a few green streaks in there, but I guess his hair is a lot like Shego’s now that you mention it.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if I was allowed to use Meg for a baby challenge of my own. I think she is the most beautiful sim I’ve ever seen

    • Oh, wow, of course you could use Meg in your own baby challenge. That would be great. If you decide to make a blog about your challenge, I would love to include some mini-updates on here to show Meg’s progress and promote your blog.

      • I’m not reallt sure how to make a blog. I was just gonna post it on the sims 3 storyboards

  4. Can I change one of her traits? Instead of her being a heavy sleeper I wanted her to be family orientated but it doesn’t matter if I can’t. She’s yours after all. 🙂

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