Baby #8

With Brian’s recent depature, I needed a distraction. What better distraction then continuing my challenge? I invited Richard Grayson back to my house. He had just returned from work and was a little sore so I eased his tension with one of my amazing massages.

One thing led to another and before I knew it, baby #8 was on his/her way.

The next morning after sending all my children to school, I hired a baby sitter and headed out to the nearest fishing spot. I spent nearly all day at that spot. It was just so peaceful and serene that I lost track of the time.

When I finally did return home, the signs of my pregnancy made their presence known, but I had no time to be sick.

Tonight, more of my children would be entering their next stages of life. I invited Brian, Delilah, the twins father – Abdul, and the triplets father – Willie. To my surprise, a few other children came along and stayed for the party as well.

Bonnie and Meg stepped up to the birthday cakes, ready to enter their teenage years. As everyone cheered, they made a wish and blew out their candles.

Meg changed very little as she aged into a teenager. She was the same lovable bookworm that she had always been with an added love for computers. Meg insisted that she keep the braids that she had worn her entire life and she had no interest in buying contacts to replace her glasses.

Bonnie – on the other hand – insisted that the braids go. As a teenager, she wanted to be different from her twin. She wanted to be her own person. Bonnie developed more of a Rocker appearance. I couldn’t believe how much the girls were different.

After changing into my maternity clothes, it was time for the triplets to grow up. Most of the party guests had already gone home, but Willie stuck around to watch his children grow.

Glen was up first…

Next was Joe…

And finally, Jillian…

Bonnie really took an interest in the new guitar that I bought her for her birthday. I can see her someday becoming a Rock Star if she puts her mind to it.

Stewie continued his painting. I could not believe the diversity of his artistic style. One minute he could paint something so lovely, and the next he would paint something completely abstract.

The triplets loved the blocks table. In the middle of the night, I would hear laughter coming from the spare room, and that’s where they would be…playing without a care in the world.

Richard was with me every step of the way with this pregnancy. He was so excited to be a dad that he would visit every day following work just to make sure that I was doing alright.

Jillian and Joe shared an interest in fishing. They enjoyed it so much that I had a pond built in the backyard. Instead of selling the fish that I had caught a few days prior, I released them into the pond so the kids would have something to catch.

The time came and baby #8 was about to make his/her presence felt. The pain was severe and I was exhausted from the days activities, but this baby was coming whether I was ready or not.

After spending countless hours in the hospital, baby #8 finally arrived. I named him Carter. Richard was there with me every step of the way – just like he had been my entire pregnancy.

When I arrived back at the house, I put Carter into his crib and went to bed. I was both mentally and physically drained of energy. Richard offered to spend the night and take care of Carter while I got some much needed sleep.


Special thanks to my husband Eric for making Richard Grayson especially for this challenge. Richard is the second of eight created sims that my husband has submitted so look for his other six to be used in the future.


8 thoughts on “Baby #8

  1. Hi Ashley! Great update! I really enjoy reading your challenge.

    If you want I’ve got a whole heap of names that you might like, I’ll tell you them later if you like.

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