Fighting, Money, and Moving Out

The weekend brought on a lot of free time for all members of the family. So much free time in fact that I decided it was the perfect time to take a little family outing. It had been awhile since I last got to leave the house and I was going a bit stir crazy. Once we arrived at the library, the girls headed straight to the blocks table. They loved it so much that I have decided I’m going to try to save up and buy one for them to use at home.

While the girls were bonding over the blocks table, the boys and I got to teaching the triplets their life skills. We each picked a toddler and went to different corners of the library so they wouldn’t get so easily distracted. Brian began teaching Joe how to talk.

Jillian really had Stewie wrapped around her little finger. He simply adored his little sister. I‘m not sure what he taught her, but when I tucked her in later that night she couldn‘t stop talking about fighting and standing up for her siblings. I’m not sure if I should be proud or worried…

This left me with Glen. Of course, I didn‘t mind teaching him to talk. He loved talking about money – more specifically all the things that he could buy with money.

After the triplets had learned to talk, Glen and Jillian headed to the blocks table with their older sisters. It seems like I am definitely going to have to buy one for the family to use at home. It kept the children busy for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to head home.

When Stewie got home that night, he received a phone call from a girl in his class. This had become a common occurrence since he aged into a teenager. Girls were always calling him and saying that they needed tutoring.

Stewie still preferred his painting to talking on the phone. I still didn’t understand his artistic style, but it made him happy and he was making quite a bit of money from them. As long as he was happy, that‘s all that matters to me.

Bonnie has become quite frugal recently. She brings the newspaper inside every morning so that she can cut any coupons that she finds inside. I’m so proud of her for trying to help the family any way that she can.

Joe is by far the most stubborn of the triplets. He takes twice as long as Jillian and Glen to teach his life skills. Part of me thinks that he is only doing it so he never has to become a child. He really enjoys being Mommy‘s Little Boy…

Teaching him to walk was the most difficult of all. Every time I would start to teach him, he would pull away from me and crawl into his older sisters‘ room. He insisted that I teach him in their bedroom while Meg was trying to sleep. The poor girl…I was sure that we would eventually wake her up with all the noise we were making. Thank goodness that Meg is a heavy sleeper and none of the noises even fazed her.

Hygiene has become very important to Stewie. I catch him brushing his teeth seven or eights times a day. He has become quite neurotic about it actually…

So much in fact that he has broken the sink on numerous occasions. The first couple of times, I would have to drop what I was doing in order to fix the sink before the boys’ bathroom became over-run with water. To my surprise, Stewie learned how to fix the sink all on his own after observing me the first couple of times.

Finally, Monday morning rolled around and it was time for the girls to attend their first day of school. They were both so excited that they ran outside an hour before the bus was even scheduled to pick them up and discussed all the wonderful things they expected to learn. I have never known of any two children who were more excited to get homework.

Jillian is such a cute little angel. She loves sitting in her high chair and playing in her food. She is the only one of the triplets that prefers to take her food from a bowl in the high chair opposed to in a bottle on the floor.

Glen has taken after his older brothers as far as the xylophone is concerned. He loves to play and bite on the stick. It’s very cute to watch.

Remember the girl who attended the big birthday bash a little while back? Well, her name is Delilah and she has gotten quite close to Brian since the party. As I watched their relationship grow before my eyes, I began to worry like mother’s tend to do. Brian was a few years older then Delilah, and even though I loved the girl as if she were one of the family, I did not want to see my little boy get his heartbroken by his first love, and a part of me knew that one day the age difference might become a factor for them.

Did I mention how much I adore Delilah? The younger children are simply crazy about her and love spending time with her when she comes over after school. More often then not, she can be seen carrying one of the triplets around the house everywhere she goes.

But tonight, she was here for one reason in particular. It was Brian’s birthday. My first born was growing into a young adult, and I couldn’t believe it. Where had all the time gone?

Brian blew out his birthday candles – it was the last birthday he would celebrate here in the Quinn family home. Flashbacks of bringing him home from the hospital for the first time filled my head. I remembered when he took his first steps, spoke his first words, and even attended his first day of school. I could not help shedding a few silent tears as I watched in the background.

As Brian walked out the front door to start his own life, my heart immediately filled with worry. Would he be able to succeed on his own? Had I prepared him for the difficulties he would soon be facing?

Brian will always be special to me, perhaps even more special then the rest of my children…I know that I will love each and every one of my 100 children equally don’t get me wrong, but Brian was my first baby. He was the start of this challenge and because of that, he will always have a special place in my heart.


8 thoughts on “Fighting, Money, and Moving Out

    • Well Brian has left the household so I can no longer control him, but I’m really hoping that story progression puts them together because they really were cute together.

      I would leave them alone for a few minutes to check on everyone else in the house and come back to find them flirting with each other all on their own. Then Delilah would run off to help Christy take care of the triplets.

  1. Aww Brain has left. :/
    I loved him so mucch. The triplets are adrouble. Love the gurls too!

    I have been reading and checking but finally I was not lazy to leave a comment 😉

  2. I really love how you write the story. I love how you hint at their personality traits through the actions(pictures) that they take. Brilliant!! Out of most of the sim stories I have read yours is definitely the best written in regards to the writing style that is.

    • Thanks so much! I finished reading your story a couple of minutes ago and left a few comments for you. If you ever need spouses for your legacy, feel free to download some of my kids and use them if you’d like

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