A Quinn Family Party

This morning, Stewie came to me and requested that we have a house party for his transition into teen hood. I knew this was a big step for him, but I also remembered what had happened at Brian‘s birthday not to long ago. What if there was another fire? The humiliation of the birthday cake bursting into flames in front of a bunch of party guests would almost be unbearable. Despite my fears, I agreed that we could have a birthday birth later that night under one condition. Stewie must get an “A” on his report card.

Obviously, I knew my little genius was going to get the required grade to have the party, so while the boys were at school, I made a few phone calls for the party I scheduled for later that night.

When the boys got home from school that afternoon, neither of them could wait for the party to begin. Torgo – Stewie’s father – arrived with a homemade dish for the party guests. He said he wanted to make up for missing Stewie‘s last birthday. One of Brian‘s classmates also showed up. I didn‘t catch her name, but she was a beautiful young woman who Brian has had a crush on since he started high school.

Another uninvited guest decided to show up. No one knew her name or who she came to the party with, but we were all happy when she decided to play her guitar for everyone‘s enjoyment.

Stewie wasted no time in blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. He couldn’t‘ wait to become older like his big brother. I‘m not even sure that he made a wish he was so excited. That didn‘t stop the rest of the guests from cheering him on in the background.

What a handsome young man my little Stewie turned out to be? He had my eye color and hair color. I‘m not really sure that he inherited anything from his father Torgo, but that didn‘t stop them from loving one another. Torgo and Stewie talked for the rest of the party, getting closer then ever.

It was time to bring the twins down to the cake to celebrate their birthday. Bonnie was up first.

Bonnie was very excited to be aging into a child. She had been talking about growing up for the past several days to anyone that would listen to her. As I looked at Bonnie, I realized just how much more she looked like her father. She had his hair color and his eye color. I could barely see any of myself in her genetics.

Meg was equally as excited to be growing up into a child. As she aged, Meg developed a love for books. She could always be found with her nose stuck deep inside a book. The only downside to all her reading was that she developed eye problems and required glasses.

My little girls were so beautiful, and they were still just as different from one another as they had been in their toddler years. Meg liked learning all the necessary life skills from books while Bonnie preferred to learn about them by watching the television. One thing they did have in common was the fact that they loved one another and enjoyed spending time together…even if they were doing two completely different things.

The birthday celebrations continued into the following morning. It was now the triplet‘s turn to grow up. Brian and Stewie had taken the girls to the local pool so it would just be me and the triplets for this party.

Glen grew up with his father’s hair color and my eye color. He was quite a cute and curious little boy. Glen was a great mixture of the two of us in my opinion.

Jillian looked exactly like Glen, only with longer hair and a slightly chubbier nose. She certainly was a cute little girl.

Joe was the most different looking out of the triplets. He – like Stewie – had both my hair color and eye color. I wonder how much he will look like his older brother when he grows up because at this stage, he looks like he could almost be Stewie‘s twin.

With all the birthdays, I decided that it was time to give the children‘s bedrooms a slight make-over. I had been saving up for this for quite some time. Brian and Stewie both loved the color green so I decorated their entire room in different shades of green. The easel from downstairs was moved upstairs so that Stewie could continue his paintings.

The girls‘ bedroom was a little harder to design. Bonnie liked the color pink while Meg liked the color yellow. I told you they were as different from one another as day and night. I finally found the perfect combination when I painted the entire room pink and gave the girls a duck themed bedspread. It actually turned out to be a rather cute room.

The girls also received a newly bought chess table for their bedroom. They both had shown a great interest in logic when they were younger. It would be a shame to not let that interest continue to develop.

And finally the nursery…I moved Bonnie and Meg’s old cribs out giving the three remaining cribs a little more room.


9 thoughts on “A Quinn Family Party

  1. Great update! I truly love your writing abilities.

    Triplets:: I am so excited 2 out of 3 look like Willie. I am very shocked that Joe looks like the mother. Weird to see a girl and a boy looking the same. LOL!! Can’t wait for future entries.

    Stewie:: Hot. I am literally speechless. Any idea of what he will also become?

    Can’t wait for more entries!!

  2. I noticed…. So many people read this it says I cant look at the pictures because its too popular…congratulations!!! I love it!!!!!!

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