Baby #5, 6, and 7: Part 2

It took a little time, but I was finally able to collect myself enough to continue with Brian‘s birthday party. I went to the store and bought a second cake before moving the party outside. Despite all the fiery chaos that had happened moments before, Brian didn‘t seem the least bit effected by it. He was still just as excited to be growing into a teenager as he had been before.

As I stood looking at my little Brian, I couldn‘t help but notice how he wasn‘t so little anymore. He was growing up so fast. It seemed like only yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital and now here he stood…a fine-looking teenager. Soon he would be moving out on his own…I truly dread the day that happens. What would I do without my little boy?

A few days passed and I was finally able to invite Willie over again. The girls were finally on the same sleeping schedule and I was getting to sleep regularly again. It just seemed like the perfect time to try for baby #5. Willie couldn‘t wait to get started.

It wasn‘t long before I started experiencing the first signs of pregnancy: morning sickness. You would think with three previous pregnancies under my belt, I would be use to this, but I was really starting to hate this part. It seemed to get worse each time that I got pregnant. Is that normal?

While at the library one day with the kids, I met Richard Grayson. What can I say, I love a guy in uniform. He was awfully cute and had a great sense of humor. We spent hours laughing with one another, telling joke after joke. I really hope that he agrees to help me out in my baby challenge. I would love to have a child as cute and as funny as him in my growing family.

Unfortunately, I had to excuse myself and rush to the bathroom to empty what little breakfast I was able to stomach this morning. That‘s when I felt it…a baby bump. I could feel baby #5 moving around inside me and kicking up a storm.

Brian has been so helpful with the twins ever since he aged into a teenager. He constantly has either Bonnie or Meg in his arms carrying them around or trying to help me teach them the necessities of life. A mother couldn‘t be more proud.

Brian and I took the girls and Stewie home for the night and tucked them into bed. Neither of my little girls were quite ready for bed, but it only took them a few minutes before they fell fast asleep. Now I could have some time to myself. I could finally clean up around the house and spend some time with my computer – maybe even make some money for the family.

Alas, my body had other ideas. I sat down on my bed for a couple of seconds and before I knew it, I was fast asleep. I slept the entire night away before awaking the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock.

Brian wasn‘t my only son who was trying to help out around the house. Stewie had taken up painting as a way to make some extra money for the family. I didn‘t really understand his unique style of art, but the local art gallery seemed to really like it and were constantly buying all of his completed paintings.

He had also taken an interest in cooking on the small toy oven that I bought. Anytime he got hungry, he would go over to his little toy oven and fix himself a muffin. He was really talented.

The time came…I was in labor for the fourth time with my fifth child. As I steadily made my way to the cab waiting outside, I wondered if Willie would be with me at the hospital when I gave birth to his child.

The hospital tried again and again to reach Willie by telephone…or so they told me. I was having complications this time around so my mind was pre-occupied with other things. They said I was carrying multiples for the second time, but the babies were very small. I was so worried…

I later found out the Willie had gotten the message that I was in labor, but when he arrived at the hospital doors, he had completely forgotten why he was there so he just stood outside looking around. When he saw me walking out, he jumped into the cab with me to accompany me home. I was so relieved that the babies were happy and healthy that I didn‘t even care that he hadn‘t been there for the delivery.

Introducing Jillian Quinn

…and Joe Quinn…

…and finally, this is Glen Quinn. I couldn‘t believe that I had been carrying triplets this whole time.

I didn‘t expect to have so many babies at once. To say the least, the nursery was a bit cramped with all five of the cribs in the same room. How was I going to be able to deal with 3 newborn babies and 2 toddlers running around the house? I have a feeling that it‘s going to be awhile before I get a good night‘s rest again.

After tucking the triplets into their new cribs, I went back downstairs where Willie was waiting for me. I thanked him for his participation in the baby challenge and made sure he knew that he was welcome to come and see the triplets anytime that he wanted. I hope that he will want to be apart of his children‘s lives, but a part of me really doubts that he will be.


Special thanks to my husband Eric for making Willie Nelson especially for this challenge. Don’t ask me why he chose Willie Nelson of all people to enter, but he did. Willie is one of eight created sims that my husband has submitted so look for his other seven to be used in the future.


12 thoughts on “Baby #5, 6, and 7: Part 2

    • I have names for the first 10 kids already picked out, but after I use those names, I would be happy to use your name as one as well as ones you have suggested.

  1. Some ideas of names:

    For girls: Elinha (my nickname), Rowan (means tree with red berries), Andelia, Xanet (lily, I think), Eleonore (honor lion) and Fujumi

    For boys: Zagreo, Yacko, Adonis, Anaël, Erasmus (he needs love) and Ismael (God is listening)

  2. Hi Ashley! Great update! The nursery’s pretty crowded now, lol!!!

    Also, feel free to use my requests thread if you ever find yourself stuck for dads.

  3. Great job! I am so excited for the next entry. I really hope The triplets look somewhat like the father.

    Brian has grown up so fast! He is indeed very good-looking.
    I do hope he succeeds in the future. Any Idea of what he will become?

    I hope I see a new entry very soon!

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