Baby #3 and 4


Since Stewie was born, I have been spending every free moment that I have had with Brian making sure that he knows everything that he needs to get a good start in life. Teaching him to walk was a little more difficult then when I taught him to talk. He didn‘t seem to catch on as quickly. Maybe it‘s my fault that he didn‘t want to learn. Why would he want to walk when I was already carrying him everywhere he needed to go?

Before I realized it, the boys birthday‘s had crept up on me. There really wasn‘t time to throw a big party so it would just be the three of us tonight. I brought Stewie to the cake first since Brian was stilling playing with his xylophone.

Stewie grew up with my hair color as well as my blue eyes. As happy as I was that he had inherited my genes, I was a little disappointed that Torgo‘s genes hadn‘t been more dominate. Overall, he was a really cute little boy, and maybe he will still inherit his father‘s bone structure when he gets older.

After dragging Brian away from the xylophone, I was able to bring him to the cake and help him blow out his candles as well. He was quite excited to be growing into a big boy. The first thing Brian wanted to do after eating a slice of cake was clean all the dishes for me. He is so neat and considerate.

Following in his brother‘s footsteps, Stewie headed straight to the xylophone. Although he wasn‘t as musically gifted as his older brother, he was a genius and easily figured out how to play without me having to help him.

Maybe this challenge wasn‘t going to be so difficult after all. Neither Brian or Stewie ever gave me any trouble. They were so easy to manage that I decided to invite over Abdul Davidson – the repairman who had come to fix my computer and television. He had agreed to be apart of my challenge and now was as good a time as any to get started. He was so sweet when he arrived that he insisted that he carry me up the stairs to the bedroom.

After Abdul left, I decided to take both of my boys to the library. I needed to teach Stewie some of his life skills and the library was quickly becoming my favorite place to go around town. It had so many toys and books for the boys to play with that I just couldn‘t afford to buy for my children at the present time.

Knowing that the family was tight on money, Brian started writing a novel in his spare time. He has been working so hard on his new book. I have only read a couple of chapters, but I think it will definitely be a best seller.

When the boys and I returned home that night, I suddenly felt very sick to my stomach. With two pregnancies under my belt, I knew that this was the warning signs that I was pregnant for a third time. Would it be another boy? Would I get my first girl?

On a good note, however, Brian is starting school today. He had mixed feelings about leaving me at home alone with Stewie, but I told him to just think about all the friends he would soon be able to make.

With Brian away at school for the day, Stewie and I got a little time to bond with one another. It was a very fun day. We started the morning off with a little xylophone time, and we ended the day with teaching Stewie some of his life skills. Stewie really seemed to enjoy when I was trying to teach him to talk. He caught on so quickly.

Being a computer whiz, I have found an alternate way to make money for the family. I am slightly ashamed to admit that after mid-night every night, I become a hacker to make extra money. It may not be the most legal way, but I can easily make double what I would by painting in half the time.

I went into labor that night. The labor pains were far worse then when I had either of the boys. I was terrified that something was wrong. Was I going to lose my baby? I decided that I needed to have another hospital birth just to be on the safe side. I hired a baby sitter and made my way to the hospital.

I breathed a heavy sigh of relief when the hospital told me that nothing was wrong with my baby. The reason that my labor pains were worse for this pregnancy was because I was unknowingly carrying twins.

I was a little disappointed that Abdul wasn‘t able to make it to the hospital, but as I carried my new babies home, the disappointment morphed into complete delight. I couldn‘t wait to show the boys their new siblings. I wondered how they would react. Would they accept them? Would they be jealous of them? Would they love them as much as I loved them?

Introducing my twin baby girls, Bonnie and Meg…

After putting the girls and Stewie to bed for the night, I went downstairs and helped Brian with his homework. I feared that he would think I was going to forget about him or ignore him now that he was getting older, but that wasn’t the case. He understood that his younger siblings needed more attention. Brian knew that I loved him and would spend as much time with him as I possibly could.


10 thoughts on “Baby #3 and 4

    • The naming theme will actually continue for the next couple of kids. The next three that I know of for sure, but after that I will probably post something on here for my readers to start suggesting names for me to use as well as contributing fathers.

      Thanks for commenting

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I spend a lot of time writing out my chapters and it’s nice when people take notice of my hard work. So once again, thank you and I hope you will continue to read

  1. I’m very glad she had girls! I’m doing the challenge as well and my sim,
    Calypso, had 6 girls before I started using apples for her to have boys!

    • The apples/watermelons trick hasn’t really worked for my game in a long time. I think it has something to do with the mod that I downloaded to keep the town running. The good thing about it is that I can have boy/girl twins or triplets without having to do the whole “hospital visit, talk to a doctor, and eat the fruit for the opposite gender” thing.

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