Baby #2: Part 2

I thought once Brian hit his “Terrible Toddler” years, he would be more difficult to handle, at least that’s what all the pregnancy books told me to expect, but he wasn’t. He was just as sweet and adorable as ever. He was perfectly content with sitting in his crib, talking excitedly to himself until I was able to tend to him.

Is it wrong for a mother to have a favorite? Although I only have Brian right now, I’m not sure how any of my future children could possibly be more well behaved.

I discovered that I was pregnant this morning after breakfast. There was no nausea or morning sickness to give me any sign that I might be. It was only when I felt a movement in my belly that I knew. I couldn’t wait to tell Brian that he would soon be a big brother.

Brian goes with me everywhere. You could say that he is glued to my hip for a majority of the day, but I couldn‘t bare the thought of leaving him alone at such a young age with a stranger. On this particular day, we were going to have a look around town and stop by the library before heading home.

I had thought that if I took Brian to the library, we might be able to run into Mortimer Goth again so I could get to know him a little better. Unfortunately he was nowhere in sight, but I wasn‘t going to let this trip be a complete waste. Being full of energy, Brian was eager to learn and I was ready to teach him everything he would need to know in life. We talked about jobs and promotions before deciding to head back home

Lately, everything has been breaking around the house. The sinks, the television, and even my reliable laptop. I still had no experience with fixing things so my only option was to hire a repairman.

The repairman made his way to each of the rooms in the house, fixing everything that needed to be fixed. With my laptop temporarily out of order, I needed an alternate way to make money for the family. It was finally time for me to break in the easel.

When the repairman had finally finished repairing all the broken fixtures around the house, he walked over and introduced himself. He said his name was Abdul Davidson and he was pretty cute. Abdul let me know that if I ever needed anything around the house fixed again, I could give him a call. We continued to talk and hang out after his job was completed.

After taking a few moments to see what Abdul‘s feelings were about children, I decided that now was as good of a time as any to ask him if he‘d like to participate in my challenge. Yes, I was pregnant, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t start scouting for the next father, right? Abdul told me that he would love to participate in my challenge and told me that he would stop by later that afternoon after work so we could get to know one another a little more.

As I showed Abdul to the door, I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of tiredness. Brian‘s next feeding wasn’t for a couple more hours so I decided that a quick power nap would hit the spot. I wanted to be well rested when Abdul returned.

I was awaken from my mid-day slumber by the door bell ringing. Was it that time already? I had only closed my eyes for a few moments. I made my way downstairs and outside to greet Abdul, but suddenly a contraction hit. I gripped my stomach and started the breathing exercises the doctor’s had taught me in my previous labor.

I was sure that Abdul would help me to the hospital so I could have a safe labor, but he was to busy on his cell phone. What could possibly be more important then a pregnant woman going into labor right in front of you?

It looked like I was going to have this baby at home. I made my way inside the house, leaving Abdul outside to continue talking on his phone. The labor pain was tolerable and fairly quick. Before I knew it, I was welcoming my second little boy into the world.

Presenting Stewie Quinn…

After putting Stewie in his crib and checking on Brian, I made my way back outside where Abdul was still waiting. I was amazed that he had waited so long for me to come back out without going back home. He must have really wanted to get to know me. We talked and flirted for a few hours before parting ways.


6 thoughts on “Baby #2: Part 2

  1. I just caught up with the updates
    The children are so cute! She’s so fast at the baby making.
    Sunset Valley sure will remember Christy 😀

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