Baby #2: Part 1

I don‘t think that it‘s possible for me to love someone more then I do Brian. He is the most angelic baby that any mother could ever ask for. He never cries and he never makes a fuss to be held…although that could be because I can‘t bare being away from him for more then a few minutes.

Things were going so smoothly with Brian that I decided it was time to find the next father for my challenge. I didn‘t want to leave Brian in the house alone so I got on my laptop and began searching. Upon entering a chat room for Sunset Valley Singles, I got to talking with a very sweet man by the name of Torgo Pendragon. He even showed me a picture of himself…he had blonde hair and great bone structure. Although it was a little less exotic compared to Brian‘s father, he still looked like he had good genetics.

He gave me his number and I immediately called him. We talked for awhile longer just so I could make sure that I wasn‘t about to bring some psycho into my home. The last thing I wanted to do was put my newborn son in any kind of danger. When I was satisfied that he wasn‘t some crazy lunatic, I explained to him the rules of my challenge. He said that he would be delighted to participate and would stop by later in the afternoon.

I spent the rest of the morning taking care of Brian before the doorbell finally rang. When I answered the door, I was a bit shocked to see an elderly man standing before me. He introduced himself as Torgo Pendragon – the man I had been talking to that morning, but he looked nothing like the picture that he had sent me only a few hours earlier. Torgo explained that the picture had been taken several years prior.

I invited him inside and he immediately apologized for deceiving me, but when he heard about my challenge he knew without a doubt that he wanted to be apart of it because he had no children of his own. Torgo thought I was only interested in younger men being the fathers to my children and that’s why he had misled me by sending me an older picture.

It was strange how much Torgo reminded me of Mr. Striker – my mother‘s late husband. Neither had any children to call their own…and maybe that‘s why I allowed Torgo to continue his explanation. I had always felt bad that my mother could never give Mr. Striker a child, but at least I would be able to help Torgo.

I explained to him that I would love to give him a child before I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. He seemed to be a bit surprised at first that I hadn‘t thrown him out when he revealed his lies to me, but after explaining that I cared more about his desire to have children then his age, he seemed to relax.

You can probably guess what came next…

Just as I was about to ask Torgo to leave, he burst into tears. I was quite taken back by his sudden outburst. Apparently he had gotten very confused by the rules because he thought that he would never get to see his child because of the ‘no commitment’ thing. I explained to him that this wasn‘t the case. He could stop by to see his son/daughter anytime he wanted and he was welcome to attend every birthday celebration if he wanted to. This seemed to make him happy again and he left with a smile.

Speaking of smiles, I couldn‘t stop smiling as I brought Brian to the cake for his very first birthday. He seemed to be very excited about it as well although I doubt he knew what was going on.

Brian grew into quite a handsome little boy and I was very pleased to see that he had gotten his father‘s hair color. I can already tell that he is a heartbreaker in the making. Who could resist such an adorable little boy?

Brian seemed very pleased when he found out that I had gotten him a xylophone for his birthday and would you believe that he is already getting really good at playing it? He is a natural musician and would spend every second of the day playing song after song for me. Well that is until he forgets what he is doing and starts trying to eat the wooden stick. I swear, I don‘t know where he could have gotten his absent-mindedness from.

On one of our many outings, I met the most interesting man. His name was Mortimer Goth and although we didn‘t get to talk for very long, I am definitely going to keep him in the back of my mind for a future father.


7 thoughts on “Baby #2: Part 1

    • Brian is actually a character’s name from a television show that I was watching at the time.

      And no problem. Anytime you need a distraction from your OCD, I’ll do my absolute best to help you out anyway I can

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