An Inspiration

After graduating from High School, I really didn‘t know what I wanted to do with my life. I shared some of the same skills that made my father so successful in his business career, but I didn‘t want to spend the rest of my life behind a desk buried in paperwork. My mother tried to talk me into following in her footsteps as a model.

But I knew that wasn‘t for me either…one trait that I didn‘t inherit from either of my parents was my love for children and desire to have a large family. At the time, I wasn‘t sure what I was going to do in order to get the large family that I craved…I just knew that I wasn‘t going to be able to do it here. I needed to get away and really be able to start fresh. That‘s when I decided to move to Sunset Valley

My mother had once went to Sunset Valley for a modeling gig years ago. Even though it had been years, she could still vividly remember just how beautiful of a place it was…perfect for raising children. She knew that she owed me for never being around when I was younger so she gave me enough money to buy a residence in Sunset Valley. With a hug and a kiss goodbye, I bought the first plane ticket that I could to Sunset Valley.

I had a lot of time to think during my plane ride to Sunset Valley, and even more time to research the history of the place that I would soon call my new home. That‘s when I found the first article…

My interest was immediately peaked…I had to find out more about this incredible woman. Who was she? Why had she accepted this challenge? Did she ever manage to succeed? If so, was she still around to talk to me about it? The articles were old and the dates were incomplete as if they had been worn away by time before being restored and posted online. There was no telling how long ago this Cadence Sierra lived.

I continued to search and found out that Cadence wasn‘t the only woman to have attempted this challenge. Plenty of others had tried, but none had gotten quite as far as Cadence had from what my research told me. As I continued searching article after article announcing the many Sierra family births, I saw several pictures of the children that Cadence had. They were all so adorable that it made me want to have one of my own even more.

I also found out that although Cadence needed fathers to help complete her challenge of having 100 children, she never got emotionally involved with the men afterwards. This fit perfectly with my fear of commitment…I could have my large family, but never get emotionally involved with someone.

At this point, I was really considering trying this challenge out, but there was something I needed to know first. Had Cadence been able to complete the challenge? I spent the rest of the plane trip searching for this answer, but the last article I was able to find was…

It wasn‘t the answer that I was looking for, but it would have to do. My plane landed in Sunset Valley and it was time to make a decision.


I was going to take on the 100 baby challenge!! I am going to need all the luck and patience in the world, but I know that I can do it


15 thoughts on “An Inspiration

    • The newspaper articles actually took quite a bit of net surfing to find what I was looking for. If you (or anyone else) would like to give it a try and create your own fake articles, you can do so with this Newspaper Clipping Generator. It’s actually very easy to use. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope you’ll check back on Tuesday for the next update

  1. My simette Estelle also wants to be the mother of 100 but she ‘s the mother of only 6: Corentin, Victor, Cadence, Harry, Brandine and Molly.

    • That’s alright, I could barely tell that English wasn’t your first language. If you would like to start a wordpress blog, I would suggest checking out this page:

      I speak very little Spanish so they be able to make things a little more understandable for you.

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