A Look Into the Past: Part 1

Hello!! My name is Christy Quinn and this is my journal. I decide that I needed to keep a journal because very soon I will be part-taking in a very unique challenge. A challenge that very few have ever attempted and even less have succeeded at. I will be attempting to have one hundred children.

Most of you are probably laughing right now, thinking that I am joking or out of my mind while others are probably bewildered as to why I decided to place such a large challenge upon myself. What would cause any woman to want to have so many children?

There are some things that you should know about me before I get into that…


I was born the only child of Patricia and Patrick Quinn. Doctors told my mother at a very young age that she would never be able to have children. So when my parents first met one another, they both agreed that they would simply focus on their careers and not worry about having kids.

My father always had the dream of becoming head of a major business. He was an ambitious, workaholic who could schmooze the pants off of anyone he met and he was a whiz at computers. It was really no surprise to anyone in town when he became the CEO of a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation within a few short years after graduating high school. He used his intelligence to achieve his dreams.

My mother, on the other hand, was successful because of her incredibly beauty. She was without a doubt one of the most beautiful people to ever come out of our hometown. My mom quickly became a World Renown Super Model and was traveling all over the Sim world posing for only the highest quality magazines.

So after years of marriage and thinking that they couldn’t have children, you can imagine my parents surprise when my mother found out that I was growing inside of her. She grew up thinking that she’d never be able to have any kids, but now she had someone to teach and to love. It was a dream come true for both of my parents…

As I aged into my toddler years, my mother gave up her modeling in order to teach me all that I would need later in life. She spent hours teaching me to walk and talk. My mom would snuggle and cuddle me for hours on end.

My Father began working at home more often in order to spend more time with the family, only going into work when he absolutely had to. You could say that my life was perfect

When I grew into a young child, my mother began her modeling again. I would watch her drive away in her shiny pink sports car every Monday morning and she would stay gone for days…sometimes for an entire week before returning.

As you can imagine, this caused many problems between my mother and father. When my mother would stay gone longer than she originally intended to, my father would think that perhaps she was cheating on him because of her flirty nature. Other times, they would simply get into arguments over the fact that she was never around. My father’s business was ran locally so he was always at home taking care of me in the afternoons when I returned from school. He couldn‘t understand why my mother needed to travel half way across the world just to take a couple of different photographs.

My mother wouldn‘t take his criticism very well and instead of talking to him like an adult, she would mock him in a very childish manner. Needless to say that this would only anger my father even more.

My bedroom was right down the hallway from theirs and I could hear them arguing every night. At first, I think they tried to hide their fighting from me so that I wouldn’t feel bad about it. But the more they fought, the less they tried to keep their voices down. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep until eventually, I grew so use to hearing them argue that I just figured that was the way adults dealt with their problems.

As the years passed, the fighting got worse and eventually my father just couldn‘t deal with it anymore. The love that he had for my mother was no longer there and as much as he loved me, he felt that he couldn‘t stick around anymore.

I haven‘t heard from my father since that night. He just packed the belongings that he wanted to keep and disappeared into the night while we both slept. There were no long goodbyes, and he hasn‘t tried to contact me since.


14 thoughts on “A Look Into the Past: Part 1

  1. I LOVE this so much
    And like Jess ABOVE I am not just being polite!
    I can’t wait for next chapters , sad how the dad left hopefully maybe one day he comes back .. that’ll be a happy story then 🙂

    • I hadn’t thought about bringing the dad back in, but now that you mention it, I might try to think of a way to work him back into the story. Thanks for taking the time to comment

  2. I really am liking this so far Ashley. However, I have been wondering why most of the 100 baby challenge mothers came from hard/bad lives. Cadence did, so did Vi and Della. Hmmm…. oh well I can’t wait to read the next installment. Off to read.

    • I’m not quiet sure why most seem to come from a rough childhood. I guess it makes for a more interesting story.

      I started my challenge back in April and her backstory had been playing in my mind for quite some time. I wanted to do something that would set my challenge apart and read through several different challenges to see what all had been done. The Diary writing style wasn’t done all that much, and none of the mothers childhood’s had really been revealed at the time as far as I know.

      I know that Violet and Della didn’t start the challenge until after I did (although they are very far ahead of me) and I don’t believe that Cadence posted anything on her past until September I believe (could be wrong), but it’s neat that all the mom’s are similar in that way. I had never connected it until you mentioned it. Hope you enjoy and continue to comment

  3. Absolutly. I guess I just feel a bit left out that neither Harmony .. well I guess she did a little, but not like You, Della, Vi, or Cadence did, nor Ashby come from a bad background. LOL… I am loving your story so far and I with I had more time to just sit down and read it. Right now I am reading at work in between phone calls I have to make.. LOL. You are a great story teller. I also hope that you will continue to check out Ashby’s life (once I have the next one posted).

  4. I think that challenge mothers coming from bad childhoods that thats part of why they would want to do the challenge ,give them selves the family they never has growing up , and then some

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