A Look Into the Past: Part 2

A few nights after my father left, mom decided that it was time we pick up and move. She had told me something about starting fresh as if the move would make everything that had happened with my dad disappear. I didn’t really have a say in the matter after all, I was only a child. My mom had already bought a beach house in a town several hours away from our old home. She even tried to spend more time with me by only taking local modeling jobs. Maybe we really could start fresh after all…

Or at least, I thought that we might be able to start fresh. It was no time at all before she had another boyfriend. My mother was getting older and to make herself feel younger she decided that she would begin dating a younger man that she met on the beach. The guy was such a jerk that I didn’t ever bother to learn his name so let’s call him “That Annoying Surfer Dude”.

Surfer Dude was a horrible mooch. He was always taking anything he could get from my mother. He would beg her for food and money. Within a week of them dating, he was already spending all of his time in our house, claiming that he lived there. I never could see what my mother saw in him.

On top of him being a mooch and inappropriate, he hated children with a passion. Every time we were in the same room together, he would criticize and insult me just because he was bored. I refused to let him bully me and would frequently tell him off the second he started in on me.

It was no surprise to me that while my mother was off working and I was at school, the Mooch was also using our home to woohoo anyone that he met while we were gone…including the Mail Woman. It took awhile to convince my love struck mother, but when she finally caught him in the act, she kicked him from our house once and for all.

As I continued to grow, the resemblance that I had to my mother was becoming even more obvious. Aside from my father‘s red hair, I was almost a complete carbon copy of my mom. My personality on the other hand was much more of a mixture between the two. I was flirty like my mom was, and I had developed commitment issues which I contribute to the fact that she never was able to maintain a relationship. I inherited my father‘s love for computers, and I learned that I was also quite the schmoozer.

My mother continued to jump from man to man – earning herself the title of heartbreaker. That was until she finally decided to settle down with a sweet elderly man by the name of Travis Striker. He was by far my favorite of all my mother‘s boyfriends…probably because he actually seemed to have a soul and cared for my mother and I.

After their wedding, Mr. Striker only had one request for my mother. He was getting pretty old and he still had no one to pass on his DNA to. Mr. Striker wanted to spend the remaining time he had with my mother trying to conceive a child. My mother agreed – she neglected to inform him of how difficult it was for her to conceive me. Having another baby now could very well be impossible.

Regrettably, Mr. Striker never got the offspring that he had been hoping for. He died a few years later of old age.


10 thoughts on “A Look Into the Past: Part 2

  1. Wow you really know how to use words. 🙂 You could be a writer! I love the main character and it’s amazing how you created a background story. <33

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