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I know that this isn’t much, but until I am able to fix the problems with my game, I’m going to try posting things over on Christy’s tumblr account. Basically it will be just pictures that might not have made it into the actual story. I might reveal some of my plans for future updates there as well. I’ve been doing this for about two weeks so there are already a few things posted there. Like I said, it isn’t much, but it’s as much as I’m currently able to do without completely disappearing on you guys again.

Baby 77, 78, and 79

After everything that happened with Adam, I agreed to allow his homeless werewolf girlfriend, Ingrid to move into the spare bedroom above the garage with Kenley. I also enrolled her in the local high school even though it was so late in the school year. She was surprisingly very smart and had no trouble catching up with what all she needed to learn to graduate with Adam.

But first, there was prom.

“Just one more picture, Adam.” I pleaded.

“You’ve taken at least a hundred of them already. No more…” he replied back as he put his hand up to block me from taking another picture. I still managed to catch one last very paparazzi style picture though.

After watching the teens head out for prom, I headed upstairs to spend the evening teaching the newest set of twins their life skills.

Felicia and Jennifer stayed close by in case I needed their help and practiced building block towers.

All of the teens had a really fun time at prom and a few days later, it was time for Adam to grow up and move out.

Look at my handsome boy.

Ingrid also grew up and the couple was ready to move out to start their lives together.

Speaking of their lives together, I asked them what their plans were. Werewolves were not a common supernatural species in town and I was worried about how they would be treated. Adam planned to fully embrace this new chapter of his life and his new supernatural abilities. They would be leaving for awhile to go to Moonlight Falls. Hopefully they would be able to find a pack to keep them safe from supernatural haters.

As part of a summer trip, Derek and Donald talked me into allowing them to head over to Egypt for a few weeks. Kenley also went along after getting permission from her mom.

I received emails nearly every single day explaining all the adventures they were getting themselves into. Like Donald finding a secret entrance into one of the pyramids.

Or the boys playing paper/rock/scissors to see which one would have to clean a pile of rubble that was blocking their path. Apparently Derek lost and had to do it. He wasn’t completely thrilled.

Don’t think that Kenley wasn’t in on the exploring too. From what the boys told me, she had reached into a hole in the wall that was covered in bugs, but was still brave enough to reach back in a second time to pull the switch inside.

I could tell from all the emails and a few pictures that the kids were having a really great time on their trip.

But I had a feeling they weren’t telling me about ALL of their adventures.

Meanwhile back at home, life continued to go on.

Blake was teething pretty bad and got cranky when they were bothering him, but otherwise was a good boy.

I was learning that Alice was a very curious little girl. She was very interested in the how the toddler toys worked. She would also get very excited whenever she managed to get a block into the correct spot.

Love day also came and went while the teens were away in Egypt. Jennifer and Felicia were very excited to get to go on their first egg hunt.

Meanwhile I tested out my skills on the Love Tester Machine. I didn’t expect that it would be quite as loud as it was. But I managed to score Passionate on the machine.

Before long, it was time for my youngest set of twins to age up. Blake…


The twins grew up to look even more alike then they did as toddlers, but now their personalities were beginning to show just how similar they were as well. For example, they both loved the warm weather that we were having lately and wanted to spend all day outside.

And stay outside all day they did. I practically had to beg them to come back inside to eat that night.

When the teens finally returned home from their trip, they brought many amazing artifacts and relics with them to show off. Among the interesting souvenirs that they brought home were two very rare beetles. Trance found them fascinating and would watch them for hours. Or maybe it was the hunter in him that was just stalking his prey.

Speaking of Trance, he seems to have made a new friend lately. The kids have nicknamed her Pumpkin whenever they see her around the house.

The two of them have been getting really close lately and I was glad to see Trance finally find a friend outside of the humans in the household.

Which is why I was worried one day when I saw this mini-dust cloud outside. I didn’t understand why Trance and Pumpkin would be getting into a fight. But apparently it hadn’t been them that was fighting, but instead Trance was trying to impress Pumpkin by showing off his hunting skill.

A few weeks went by and the weather had made a complete turn around. It was raining and storming nearly every day, but I still had to go out and check the mail daily. On this particular day, I heard someone shouting from behind me.

I turned to see a man running towards the house. He was a good looking guy with pink skin and purple/pink hair. I smiled waited to see what he had to say.

“Hey, would you happen to be Charity?”

I nodded in response. “Yes, I’m Charity. Can I help you?”

The man introduced himself as York Mahoney. Apparently he had previously met with Ashley about being the next IVF donor, but the process didn’t feel right to him. He preferred to have a more let’s say hands on approach. After checking him out and making sure he wasn’t one of Edward’s guys, Ashley decided that she would allow this decision to be mine to make.

I trusted that Ashley checked York out completely, but there were still some questions that I had for York in order to get to know him. And because it had been awhile since I’d had a dad want to participate in my challenge this way, I needed to know if York wanted to be active part of his child’s life or not.

When I felt that I had gotten to know him and had the answers I needed, I showed him upstairs to my bedroom. I’ll admit, it was nice to just be close to someone again. Not that I was in love with York or anything like that, but it was just nice to have someone there to cuddle and talk with.

He left the house seemly very pleased with himself.

That night something very strange happened. I didn’t know exactly how strange until the following morning when Donald told me about what happened. He said there was a flash of something outside his window.

He ran outside to see what it was and he swears that he saw an alien spaceship. He also swears that he got abducted by the alien. I’ve never really put any thought into there being aliens, but I’ve encountered vampires and werewolves so why can’t there be aliens too?

Donald doesn’t remember what happened in the hours that he was gone. I think that’s what made him so mad about the experience. That something crazy like this happened to him and yet he doesn’t remember any of it.

His anger quickly subsided though and intrigued replaced it. He has always been interested in science and logic, but this experience has made him even more interested in those subjects. He doesn’t want to think about things he can’t explain, but instead focus on what he can.

I’m actually getting a little worried about all the random scientific potions that he has been mixing as of late and testing himself.

But I can’t say that he is the only one that has been interested in science as of late. I have been splicing and testing all of the seeds I have found hoping to discover a new type of seed or a way to make my garden even better. So far my results have been disappointing.

It was during one of my experiments that I got my first wave of nausea and knew for sure that I was pregnant.

Trance came back from one of his many adventures around town visiting his friends, but this time he had fleas. I had to give him a bath immediately so they didn’t get all over the house.

“Don’t give me that look. You know I have to do this.” I told him when he gave me a pitiful look.

Before long it was time for another birthday. This time it would be my teens aging into young adults.

They were all very excited to be entering the next stage of their lives.

Ashby wasn’t able to make it for Kenley’s birthday so I made sure to cheer extra hard for her when she blew out the candles.

Kenley grew up to be absolutely beautiful. I know her Mom is very proud of her.

Then it was time to see what my boys would grow up like.



While everyone was eating cake, Derek pulled Kenley into another room and proposed to her.

And Kenley said yes. I was in shock. I hadn’t even known the two were dating. They later told me that they had been together since prom, but they were afraid I’d send Kenley back to her parent’s if I found out.

After telling all of us about their engagement, Derek and Kenley called Ashby to tell her about it as well on video chat. The two made plans to go visit with the Lemi’s for a little while since Kenley had been away for so long.

After seeing my boys and Kenley off, I caught a glimpse of my baby bump in the mirror. The baby is growing so quickly.


I recently enrolled Felicia in an after school ballet program and she loves it. She just loves showing off all the cool moves she has learned.

She is really good at it too having won one of the lead spots in their next show. They gave her these special ballet slippers as a trophy.

With the remaining children in the house all being close to the same age, I really wanted to spend as much time together as a family as possible. We would play games together most nights, but sometimes we would just sit around the fire pit talking about their day. The kids preferred the games to talking.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I received a phone call from York. He had noticed my garden while he had been there and was wondering if would mind bringing some nice quality plants over. The kids were all at school so I didn’t see a problem with heading over there for a little while.

I feel like I am about to pop at this point. It won’t be much longer.

Knowing that labor was most certainly going to begin sometime within the next day or two, I decided to rest up as much as possible during the day while the kids were all at school.

I woke up from my nap to sharp pains in my abdomen. It was time to meet my newest babies.

I ended up having triplets.

Belle, Bradley, and Ben…


Because the last set of twins turned out to look so much like Christy, I went ahead and decided to use another one of Robert Mahoney/JagPacker26‘s children to see if it would work out differently this time. We’ll see how the triplets look in the next update. Baby #80 will be the final baby in the Disney naming theme. The 10 babies after that will be Reader’s Choice so if you have some names you’d like to see used, make sure you comment with them. I’ll probably only use the more recent suggestions so I don’t have to sort through all the older comments.

Mini-Update: Adam

My name is Adam and I’m from a large family – like a ridiculously large family. Don’t believe me? I’m the 70th child that my mom has had. This doesn’t count my six siblings that she has had since me or all the kids that she has adopted and given a good home to on top of all us biological kids. Mom loves kids – a little too much if you ask me – and due to some crazy situation in her past, we aren’t even allowed to talk about most of my older siblings because Mom is supposed to be dead. The whole thing never really made sense to me, but I’m getting off topic. I was supposed to be telling you about me, not my mom and her past. That’s top-secret anyway. Continue reading

Still Alive…

I know that I kind of disappeared on you guys again and you absolutely deserve an explanation for that. You probably don’t remember, but this time last year, I made an announcement that I was having trouble with my computer and had to do a full system restore. I was able to restore my computer back to the factory default with no problem. The problem had been that my Sims games were packed away in storage. When I was able to finally get my games out of storage around September of last year, I was only able to find a handful of them. The base game and first two expansion packs were not among the ones I found. Mostly it had been more of the recently purchased expansion packs. In order to continue the story, I downloaded a digital copy from Origin because I had programmed my codes on the Sims 3 site and it literally took forever to just get the base game on my computer.

But it worked and I was able to play for a little bit. Back around January, I tried to load my game up and play a little bit more. That’s when I discovered another problem. My problem is that none of my saved sims – neither downloaded nor saved from my own game – are showing up in CAS in the sim bin. They are all showing up in the SavedSims folder, but not when I actually load the game and try to load them in CAS. Because my game has always hated the Sims3Packs and refuses to install them correctly, using .sim and .package files has been the only way I could get any downloaded content into my game.

Does anyone know if the .sim files are no longer working because I downloaded the earlier games off Origin while the newer games are all installed from a disc? I honestly don’t think that would be the case, but it’s the only thing that is different from before. I’ve tried taking all the custom content out just in case and they still didn’t show that way either.

So I can’t put the male sims that I need into the neighborhood with Christy until this problem gets fixed. I’ve been trying different things for months now trying to get them to show up with no luck so if you have a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate the help.

For the next month and a half, I will be pretty busy with planning my son’s birthday party, going on vacation, and moving. Moving means that I will be able to go through my storage building completely and maybe find all of my Sims 3 discs so I can uninstall and reinstall everything to hopefully fix the problem. *fingers crossed* But if you happen to have a solution to the problem or even if it’s just a suggestion, please mention it.


A nasty cold

So things have been a little tough for the past week and a half. There is a lot of sickness going around. My 16 month old son was actually sent to the ER this past Tuesday night because the doctor was so worried about him. Thankfully he wasn’t admitted into the hospital and didn’t have to stay in the ER as long as they originally thought he would have to. He is still sick, but getting better and since I am the one that has been taking care of everyone, I ended up sick as well. So that’s the reason for the delay in the next update.

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Baby #71 and 72

Not long after Adam was born, the teenagers came home talking about going to prom. All five of my teens were excited and anxious to go to their prom. Since it was such a big day for so many of my kids, I saved a little money and hired a limousine for the special occasion. They were ecstatic when it pulled up into our driveway the night of prom.

“Everyone is going to be so jealous when they see us coming.” Lauryn stated.

“This is great. Thanks mom!” Lindsay added.

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The Road So Far: Part 2

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the last update, but we still have quite a few babies to get through and this update will no doubt be longer than the last because of just how much happened in the second half of Christy’s challenge so far.

We start this update with a very special father. Gordan Williams – originally a female sim I downloaded off the exchange and turned male – was chosen for a special post about breast cancer awareness.

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